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Popular Articles on Installfest by Our Team

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Latest Articles by Our Team

What do I do now? How to kickstart your new career as a Developer.

By Rachelle LeQuesne,

2017 installfest learning rails rails girls

One of the questions I often get asked after an Installfest or a Rails Girls event is “What do I do now?”

It’s a difficult question to answer comprehensively and succinctly in that moment. The answer may also vary with the relative skill of the person asking.

Giving Back to the Ruby Community

By Rachelle LeQuesne,

2017 community installfest

The creator of Ruby, Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) is often quoted as saying “For me the purpose of life is partly to have joy. Programmers often feel joy when they can concentrate on the creative side of programming, So Ruby is designed to make programmers happy.”

You read that right - it’s about making programmers happy while they are creating the tools that drive our internet-connected world. Understanding that, you begin to see what it is about Ruby that we’re passionate about.

WTF Just Happened? A Quick Tour of your first Rails App

By Rachelle LeQuesne,

installfest learning rails

You've just completed your first Installfest or Rails Girls. And you've not only built - but also published - your blog application! It's pretty awesome, right?

But then you get home and, after a few days, you take another look at your project. "What is all this stuff? I didn't write that!" There are so many folders and files, none of which you explicitly sat down and created. What are they all for?

We Hire Only the Best

reinteractive is Australia’s largest dedicated Ruby on Rails development company. We don’t cut corners and we know what we are doing.

We are an organisation made up of amazing individuals and we take pride in our team. We are 100% remote work enabling us to choose the best talent no matter which part of the country they live in. reinteractive is dedicated to making it a great place for any developer to work.

reinteractive Services

We build stable, well-tested software, built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. reinteractive provides a complete solution from project scoping, to UX, design, web and mobile development, through to hosting and maintenance. All driven by our seamless, agile project management processes.

We are experts at large, complex and customised solutions. Bring us your ideas, wish list, integration problem or technical need and we will solve it.

AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

We work hard to find the right digital solution for you. Through our AppWorkshop we work with you to identify opportunities and engage in expert planning for business-critical applications. The aim is to get your application delivered and operating as fast as possible, with the viewpoint of incrementally adding features as the site matures and grows.

Learn more about AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

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