• Mikel Lindsaar

    RubyTogether and reinteractive

    By Mikel Lindsaar,

    Today reinteractive took an important step in our support of the Ruby Community by becoming the world's first Ruby Member of the RubyTogether project representing a $60,000 USD donation to this open source project annually.

    I'm very proud that we are able to do this.

  • Rachelle LeQuesne

    Giving Back to the Ruby Community

    By Rachelle LeQuesne,

    It was the creator of Ruby, Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) who said “For me the purpose of life is partly to have joy. Programmers often feel joy when they can concentrate on the creative side of programming, So Ruby is designed to make programmers happy.”

    You read that right - it’s about making programmers happy while they are creating the tools that drive our internet-connected world. Understanding that, you begin to see what it is about Ruby that we’re passionate about.

  • reinteractive

    A Ruby on Rails app we built took home an award at the worlds biggest accounting show, Accountex!

    By reinteractive,

    We have some very exciting news to kick off your weekend! We are very proud to announce that the app we built for businest® was selected as the overall winner for 'The Small Business App You SHOULD Be Using' in the Accountex Meridian Awards!  

    Each year more than 150 new apps are added to the small business, cloud accounting ecosystem.  The Meridian Awards, created by Accountex, are presented to a prestigious few apps in the accounting technology space who have displayed excellence beyond their peers in a given award category.

  • Rachelle LeQuesne

    Our First Ever Code Retreat

    By Rachelle LeQuesne,

    Saturday the 22nd of October was Global Day of Code Retreat. This year, reinteractive brought Code Retreat to Adelaide.

    Code Retreat is an all-day intensive coding practice, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. It is a non-denominational event and coders from all disciplines and all experience levels are welcome.

  • Rachelle LeQuesne

    Ruby on Rails Installfest Hits 1,000 Participants!

    By Rachelle LeQuesne,

    In April 2013 we hosted our very first Ruby on Rails Installfest in Sydney. Since then it has gone from strength to strength.

    For the first two years we held regular Installfests in Sydney and Melbourne. And in 2015 we hosted the first Brisbane event to record numbers. Later that year we included Adelaide in the schedule. Next month we are excited to be hosting our very first Perth event. Installfest is now Australia-wide - woohoo!

  • Andrew Jennings

    When to outsource development

    By Andrew Jennings,

    Once you have decided to build an application you have basically three options to get it built:

    1) Hire some developers as employees 2) Hire freelance contractors to build the application, or 3) Get an agency to build the application for you.

  • Jarrett Green

    12-Factor: The Key to Scaling the Cloud

    By Jarrett Green,

    Using the cloud as the cloud should be used, is something that not many get right. More often than not you'll find applications running on larger than needed, long running servers, that accumulate upgrades and configuration entropy. reinteractive's CEO and Founder, Mikel Lindsaar will be presenting two talks in San Francisco that will discuss the 12-Factor and how to apply it to your AWS stack to ensure you are taking advantage of the Cloud as it should be used, leveraging its true potential to drive performance and minimize cost.

    Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

  • Mikel Lindsaar

    Hiring Junior Developers

    By Mikel Lindsaar,

    reinteractive are hiring another Sydney based Junior Developer to join our amazing team, starting immediately.

    You need to live in Sydney so you can make it to our training and pair programming days and need to have excellent communication skills.

  • Mikel Lindsaar

    How we work at reinteractive

    By Mikel Lindsaar,

    While growing reinteractive I have been asked many times how we operate. I've been asked this by prospective clients and by prospective staff. I thought it would make sense to write up a blog post covering the key points on how our developers and team work at reinteractive and what parts of our development process are important to us.

    Having our entire team work remotely is a strong management point for us. Our remote team encourages focused work without the large distractions of an office environment. Of course, this means that you can't shout a question across the office, or go and interrupt another team member, we see this as a good thing. However, team communication matters so we have numerous Flowdock channels to communicate on each project. This has the added advantage of information being recorded, allowing for any team member to "get up to speed" on what is happening after a short absence by reading the log of what has been said.

  • Mikel Lindsaar

    Diversity in Technology Conferences

    By Mikel Lindsaar,

    Some of you might know that reinteractive is going to be presenting RailsConfAU this year in Sydney, Australia. It's Australia's first Rails Conference and we already have some big names lined up to speak.

    But today, I was in our company chat room and we were talking about another conference, one that a member of our team had seen a promotion for, where it appeared that all 28 speakers were men. In discussing this we were trying to come up with ideas to make sure that RailsConfAU had a wide range of speaker backgrounds to encourage more diversity in our industry.