• Rachelle LeQuesne

    Rails Upgrades as a Service? Oh Yeah!

    By Rachelle LeQuesne,

    Great news! reinteractive is now offering Ruby on Rails upgrades as a specialised service.

    This is good news for me because I love doing upgrades, and it is good news for you too because developers typically dislike the upgrade task. When I first put my hand up for this role, my manager's reaction was that of disbelief. His exact words were "Oh, you're actually serious? I thought someone was having a lend of me."

  • Jarrett Green

    12-Factor: The Key to Scaling the Cloud

    By Jarrett Green,

    Using the cloud as the cloud should be used, is something that not many get right. More often than not you'll find applications running on larger than needed, long running servers, that accumulate upgrades and configuration entropy. reinteractive's CEO and Founder, Mikel Lindsaar will be presenting two talks in San Francisco that will discuss the 12-Factor and how to apply it to your AWS stack to ensure you are taking advantage of the Cloud as it should be used, leveraging its true potential to drive performance and minimize cost.

    Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

  • Mikel Lindsaar

    Rescuing an exploding Rails App with

    By Mikel Lindsaar,

    Recently, a new client approached us with a performance problem on their existing Ruby on Rails application; they were experiencing massive growth with over 50,000 new users per day signing up, and their app was receiving over 400 requests per second (and growing).

    The rapidly increasing load was leading to big problems, with their existing Rails application experiencing frequent outages and causing sleepless nights for their team. They asked reinteractive to investigate and find out how we could get the app stable as fast as possible.