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Popular Articles on 2019 by Our Team

Our expert team of designers and developers love what they do and enjoy sharing their knowledge with the world.

Latest Articles by Our Team

Bringing Tesseract to Mobile (with React Native)

By Weto Olaguer,

2019 development Ruby on Rails

In a previous post, we brought Tesseract to Ruby land. Doing so enabled us to combine the capability to perform OCR with the robust Ruby on Rails web framework - from within our web server. However, there are good use cases for running it on client's as well, such as on mobile phones. We needed to do this in one of our projects, and this post is a modest attempt to share our learnings.

At reinteractive, we love to work with React Native, which is a framework for developing native mobile apps with JavaScript. The motto "Learn once, write anywhere" saves us a lot of time when developing for multiple platforms, regarding our proficiency with web technologies. Not to mention the balance that the framework brings between speed of development and native performance. We will use this framework to bring Tesseract to mobile.

Ivanhoe Cycles launches their ecommerce platform on storeConnect

By Mikel Lindsaar,

2019 development Heroku Salesforce

We’re very excited to announce or launch partner, Ivanhoe Cycles has launched their new storeConnect based eCommerce website.

Already having a strong bricks and mortar presence with 4 physical stores, a warehouse and thousands of happy, local customers, Ivanhoe was looking to improve and expand their on-line store. They have grown to be Asia/Pacific’s largest distributors of Giant bicycles.

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