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Popular Articles on 2018 by Our Team

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Latest Articles by Our Team

Diving into the Ruby source code: BigDecimal rounding options

By Jonathan Miles,

2018 development learning

If you're a developer and I ask you about numeric rounding, you'd probably think of something like this:

We can round up if we see non-zero in that spot (also known as "ceil"), or we can round down regardless of the digit (aka "floor" or truncate), or we can round >= 5 up and truncate if < 5 (banker's rounding).

Why fixed-price software development is a death spiral

By Mikel Lindsaar,


When hiring developers to build an app, most people want to know the cost up front. After all, how can you manage your budget if you don’t know the cost?

We have resisted the pressure to provide a fixed-price quote and have, at times, lost work because of it. The recent collapse of high-profile app development company Appster has validated my stance on this issue.

Using Ruby and Tesseract to Recognise Text in an Image

By Glen Crawford,

2018 development learning rails

At reinteractive we have recently completed a project calling for us to use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognise printed text from photographs. It's a fun problem to solve, and so here is a brief post on how you can also set up your Rails app with OCR capabilities.

Tesseract is one of the most popular OCR libraries. It's free and open source, runs on multiple platforms, supports a lot of languages, and its ongoing development is sponsored by Google. It is primarily a command line tool (although there are third-party projects that supply a GUI), and, luckily for us, there are a couple of Ruby gems out there allowing us to interact with it from a Ruby/Rails app. For this post, we will use

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