• Rachelle LeQuesne

    The Dreaded Coding Challenge

    By Rachelle LeQuesne,

    One of the biggest fears for a newbie developer is the dreaded 'coding challenge' that is a popular part of job interviews. This fear often gets in the way of applying for the position at all!

    I completely understand as I also felt the same way when I was starting out. I believed that, unless I could submit code that worked, was structured in a way that would make Sandi Metz proud, and had 100% test coverage (with all tests passing), I was wasting my time and theirs.

  • Rhiana Heath

    The Five W's of Accessibility

    By Rhiana Heath,

    The internet is the perfect medium for people with disabilities. It breaks down barriers, brings people together, and allows them access to information that, in turn, empowers them.

    Australia's recent postal survey raised the issue of how inaccessible it was for people with disabilities or for whom English is not their first language. These people were unable to vote without assistance. Had this survey been conducted on the internet, everyone could vote, regardless of where they live, and whatever their disability or native language.

  • Ildikó Tuck

    Should I listen to my UX consultant or implement my own vision?

    By Ildikó Tuck,

    Today some 89% of Australians are consumers of digital content and we have a seemingly endless selection of it to choose from. Given our vast choice of content, we, as users became increasingly more discerning.

    It wasn’t too long ago when we were happy if an app had a mobile version or a responsive site. Now, the options available mean that we will not put up with anything less than delightful. And, once we find that piece of delightful software, we tend to stick to it. We all know this first-hand, being daily consumers of digital content and knowing our own devices intimately. With the importance users place on their experience with today’s online content, entrepreneurs building new software are usually fully aware that they require UX, and they need it to be excellent.

  • Mark Biegel

    How to upload your iOS app to TestFlight for distribution/beta

    By Mark Biegel,

    This is a quick guide to upload your app for distribution through Testflight.
 It assumes you have the appropriate access to both and

    You will need:

  • Sameera Gayan

    What constitutes good testing in Rails?

    By Sameera Gayan,

    Recently, our founder and CEO, Mikel Lindsaar spoke at the Ruby Developer Summit on Standard Development. He discussed the role of testing in project work, and talked about when you should follow the textbook approach and when it might be better to relax those rules. You can watch his talk on our youtube channel.

    This blog post details my thoughts on how to approach writing tests. To illustrate, I'll be using a Ruby/Rails example as Rails is a framework that embraces the culture of testing. However, I believe these concepts can be adapted to any language.

  • Rachelle LeQuesne

    What do I do now? How to kickstart your new career as a Developer.

    By Rachelle LeQuesne,

    One of the questions I often get asked after an Installfest or a Rails Girls event is “What do I do now?”

    It’s a difficult question to answer comprehensively and succinctly in that moment. The answer may also vary with the relative skill of the person asking.

  • Rachelle LeQuesne

    reinteractive: Best team culture EVER!

    By Rachelle LeQuesne,

    Here at reinteractive, I feel very privileged to have access to some of the most awesome and talented Rails devs. I still have much to learn and through flowdock, our group chat app, I am regularly treated to some great tips and techniques as our devs uncover new and clever ways of doing things.

    Last week, for example, I learned that the plural of corgi is corgwn. Yes, I know that sounds totally random and not at all useful, even at trivia night. But it is a great example of the wonderful culture we have here at reinteractive.

  • Riana Ferreira

    How to toe the line with RSpec, Stubs, and RuboCop

    By Riana Ferreira,

    Recently I set up the Rubocop gem for a project. I wanted to use it to ​ensure that my code base aligned with the community Ruby Style Guide. When I ran the tool, I came up against the following error message:

    This message didn't give me any idea of what the problem was, nor what I should do to avoid it in the future.

  • Mikel Lindsaar

    Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Development

    By Mikel Lindsaar,

    Today I was asked by a client to give them some reasons why they should outsource to reinteractive instead of hiring an in house team. They needed to convince their Board the pros and cons of setting up an internal software development team from scratch versus using reinteractive. The project under discussion was the implementation a bunch of key features for their platform as well as a partial rewrite of key aspects.

    Unsurprisingly, I've been asked this question several times by our clients, and my response has almost always been the same; do both.

  • reinteractive

    Some Quick Tips for Tips for Testing Your Rails App

    By reinteractive,

    by Leo Liang

    There might be times when you need to mock a certain value for ENV without overriding other values. This can be easily achieved as follows: