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Popular Articles on 2012 by Our Team

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Latest Articles by Our Team

Branch Specific Database YML

By Mikel Lindsaar,

2012 development rails

At reInteractive we use Git Flow for all our projects.

But with lots of branches comes a problem. What happens when you have migrations that are branch specific? If you have used branching a lot on an in development Rails application, you are sure to have run into the problem of changing branches and having an inconsistent database state against your code.

Setting up an Amazon S3 bucket with an independent set of keys

By Jason Stirk,

2012 operations rails

We use Amazon S3 on almost every project we work on, and this usually means that we end up needing to create temporary buckets for use on staging or demo sites.

Obviously, we don't want to be reusing the same access key and secret key on every staging and development site, even if they are temporary. Instead we create a separate key pair for each.

Use Form Object Model to DRY up request specs

By Sean Geoghegan,

2012 development rails

We've recently been working on increasing the integration test coverage for a client app that is very form heavy. Eventually a lot of the forms on this application are going to be redesigned and restructured but before we get started on a big backend refactor we wanted to make sure the frontend coverage is up to scratch.

Typically, the best way to do this is to write Capybara based request specs. This works well but with big forms, it can get a bit unwieldy with a lot of copy and paste between tests. Worse, if your forms are bound to change going back over all the tests and changing CSS locators or Capybara method calls is a bit of a pain.

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