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By Chloe Fisher

100 setup with Rails!

The Ruby on Rails InstallFest has now had more than 100 people in Sydney come along to the event to get setup and started with Ruby on Rails!

Last night we had yet another successful InstallFest held at Fairfax Media with 26 attendees coming along. We’d like to thank our awesome mentors Leonard Garvey, Geoff Hodgson, Nick Bell, Ryan Townsend, Dom Stockdale and Paul Fioravanti for helping out! You can see all of our pics on the reInteractive Facebook Gallery.

Participants got setup and started by following along to our InstallFest guides, shouting out to our mentors whenever they needed a hand. After an hour of getting stuck into code we stopped for a well deserved break. While we gulped down the pizza and drinks provided by General Assembly, Leonard Garvey gave an awesome talk on Ruby and Rails.

Participants were super pumped about getting started and having their very own blog online by the end of the evening! So, we asked them what they thought of the InstallFest and here is what some of them had to say:

“Very awesome, great insights, I’m a fan!” - Samira Cheurif

“Very helpful to get started with RoR.” - Nathalie Bressa

“Love it. Great idea, great environment, great people.” - Kylie Fuentes

“Very good and very helpful.” - Madhu Ramalingam

“Excellent!!!!” - Mark Collins

“It was well organised and run. Thanks to everyone involved!” - Daniel Koo

“Great. Mentors were a great help also.” - Stephen Glachan

“Brilliant idea - well resourced. I came for 30 minutes last month and this month seemed even better.” - Andrew O’Sullivan

“Really good. Kudos to the volunteers.”

“Great, very easy to follow.” - Selina Tomkins

“Great event tailored at beginners.” - Simone Lavorato

“Great meetup, well organised, thank you :)” Priscilla Fox

“9.99999/10” - Jason Whatson

“Really great - well run event, great community utility”- Michael Ruhfus

“Excellent get together.” - Ross Mackenzie

“Everything was perfect...Very informative and newbie friendly.” - Erwin Tilzon

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