TuShare contacted reinteractive with an idea that would revolutionise the way people exchange household items and minimise waste. They were looking for a company that could quickly build a high-quality Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to pilot before launching in the market.

Originally, discussions were being held between TuShare and the team at reinteractive in order to determine whether a native iOS application or mobile web application would be the better option. The team at reinteractive helped to flesh out the requirements, performance specifications and budget in order to answer this question. Following these discussions, it was determined that a mobile web application would be faster to develop, cheaper, and allow the code to be more flexible to changes during the pilot.


Mockups and sketches that TuShare had used to illustrate their vision of the application were used by reinteractive’s designer to create high definition mockups that would be used to drive how the application should look, respond and make overall design decisions. This then provided a framework for implementing functionality.

Development occurred in weekly sprints, each ending with a live demonstration of progress. The reinteractive team of developers, along with a project manager, worked on a tight feedback loop allowing TuShare to refine the functionality and features of their application based on real data. The interface could then be amended if required.

Working on a constant feedback cycle, to a high-level master-plan meant that TuShare had control and ownership throughout the project to ensure they received the end result they were looking for. The reinteractive team were able to rapidly adjust priorities and respond to feedback and issues quickly if needed. This guaranteed that TuShare would get the best outcome within their budget.

Some of the challenges the team had to overcome was to:

  1. Implement a web application that would look and feel like a native iPhone application
  2. Be able to integrate the application with social media tools for user authentication
  3. Manage the complex back end processing to facilitate the application itself


The MVP was successfully launched for an initial three week pilot with live users. TuShare was extremely happy with the result and the application proved popular, stable and usable. Most importantly, the TuShare team were able to use this pilot to further refine their business and feature set.

Ongoing Support

With all systems up and running, reinteractive continued to support TuShare’s mobile web application. reinteractive started a new engagement period with the client to extend the pilot and rapidly implemented some of the discoveries they had made.

“We chose reinteractive because we wanted confidence in a high-quality, reliable result. They certainly delivered on this promise, and their professional yet flexible approach allowed us to create a product that performed well and looked great, within time and budget.”

James Moody, TuShare LLC

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