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Managing Medicine wanted to develop a custom web application

A reinteractive AppWorkshop helped define and validate Managing Medicine’s business web application

I needed to think of something different to the existing way we were running some of the processes, so developing a custom web application seemed like the right action.
Malini Bhasin, CEO, Mediblox

What We Did & How We Did It

Managing Medicine provides an anesthetic and surgical billing service for patients and doctors.

This is a labour-intensive process and, based on the current model, scaling the business would require an ever-increasing team of staff to deal with the paperwork. CEO Malini Bhasin knew she had to innovate and introduce technology to streamline and automate processes, thereby allowing her business to scale without the overhead of additional personnel.

CEO Malini Bhasin wanted to develop a custom web application, integrating all the necessary processes and records into one platform. To validate her idea, she decided to bring in an expert to provide consultation before proceeding in developing the application.

Introducing digital technology for complex business processes can allow for unlimited scaling without increasing staffing numbers. It also helps eliminate human errors and allows for better service of clients, with electronic records updated in real time.

After consulting several firms, Malini approached reinteractive with her ideas for the application she wanted.

I am from a finance background and, as such, don’t have the expertise to fully plan out the building of an application and all its technical requirements. I know what we need. But can it be achieved technically? I really needed someone knowledgeable, who could come in and advise me, bringing to the table an overall view of how to make the best possible application technology-wise.

It’s like with interior design, you have an idea of what you want built. To then put it into action, you need a skilled builder to be able to tell you if what you want is possible.

Malini Bhasin, CEO Mediblox

App Workshop Process

The AppWorkshop is the industry-leading product validation and product discovery service. It comprises an 8-step process, delivered by an expert consultant who works closely with stakeholders. It is designed to validate your business model, develop your product idea and prioritise your product backlog.

It takes approximately 2-5 days to complete and includes the following steps:

  • Initial Review & Deep Dive
    We review your understanding of your business model, idea and any possible competition.
  • Lean Business Model
    We guide you on developing your Lean Business Model Canvas to provide a clear understanding of your business.
  • Product Ideation
    Understand your product model and begin expanding your idea and defining your target customer.
  • Idea Validation
    Go deeper into your idea by validating the key assumptions with potential customers.
  • Agile Discovery
    This is where the Agile development process begins by writing the story cards that will form your product
  • Agile Prioritisation
    Prioritising the backlog is important to be able to define your MVP and future product roadmap.

We really enjoyed the AppWorkshop. It was very informative. I found our consultant Kerry to be very professional. He really understood our idea very well by the end of the first day and was then able to provide really useful feedback and add to our conversations.

It has provided a lot more clarity about what we want to do with our application development for Managing Medicine. Taking our ideas and going through them in a step-by-step process, also revealed any technical challenges our ideas raise. We did a workaround for those, but it is really important that we know any potential pitfalls in our requirements and what those solutions are prior to spending money in developing our application. You don’t want to find out something can’t be done technically in the middle of building your app

Malini Bhasin, CEO Mediblox

Who is it For?

The Application Workshop is highly valuable if you are in any of the following situations:

  1. You have an idea for an app but don’t know where to begin
  2. You have an idea for an app but haven’t defined the business model
  3. You have both an idea and a business model but have yet to validate them
  4. You want to map out a way to get to market quickly with the least amount of risk
  5. You want to expand or pivot an existing app to realise its fullest potential

Malini found the AppWorkshop productive and useful.

Doing the AppWorkshop makes you a lot more comfortable with your idea. I now know that I don’t have to include everything in the app from the outset and we can build in stages.

Once you have validated your ideas through the step-by-step process of the workshop, you are more likely to go ahead with the development process. It prepared me for how much it could cost and how many stages we develop in.

Before the AppWorkshop, it is something that we didn’t really have any firm idea about. It might be that we have a stage 1 and stage 2 and it is more structured for us that way. That means we can get the app up and running and being used to scale up our business and then continue to build in new features moving forward.

Malini Bhasin, CEO Mediblox

Benefits of doing an AppWorkshop

At the end of the Application Workshop you will receive key documents that include:

  1. Lean Business Model Canvas
  2. Detailed Product Roadmap
  3. Highly detailed Technical Specification document that translates your idea into a document that developers use to build the MVP for your application

Developing any software is a significant investment. If the foundations aren’t there before development begins, the investment required to achieve a Minimum Viable Product to market can blow out.

Spending a little time upfront validating the idea and business model can save $100,000s in the long run.

I think reinteractive have been fantastic and the service provided is excellent. I haven’t been able to find anyone to build the technology that I need in my business application. I have only encountered a can-do attitude in dealing with reinteractive. It always been ‘“yes we can give it a try and see how we can make it work”, rather than “no, we are not going to even try”, which I got from some other companies.

I also really like the follow-up calls I get from reinteractive. It makes you feel like you are working and collaborating with someone, rather than working on your own. Working with reinteractive It is like having a partner in practice. You need skilled advisors to be able to talk to, bounce ideas off and re-validate your idea.

When you are passionate about something, it is really nice to have that.

Malini Bhasin, CEO Mediblox

CDC Victoria engaged in a reinteractive App Discovery Workshop.

You have a great idea you want to build into an application. So, what is the next step to get exactly what you want, within budget?

A discovery workshop was a fairly low-risk, value for money, intermediate step that took the project forward. It should be part of any feasibility analysis prior to actually committing to building an app.
Johann Tay, Manager of ICT and Innovation, CDC Victoria

Our Services

We build stable, well-tested software, built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. reinteractive provides a complete solution from project scoping, to UX, design, web and mobile development, through to hosting and maintenance. All driven by our seamless, agile project management processes.

We are experts at large, complex and customised solutions. Bring us your ideas, wish list, integration problem or technical need and we will solve it.

  • AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

    We work hard to find the right digital solution for you. Through our AppWorkshop we work with you to identify opportunities and engage in expert planning for business-critical applications. The aim is to get your application delivered and operating as fast as possible, with the viewpoint of incrementally adding features as the site matures and grows.

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AppWorkshop - Consultation & Project Scoping

We work hard to find the right digital solution for you. Through our AppWorkshop we work with you to identify opportunities and engage in expert planning for business-critical applications. The aim is to get your application delivered and operating as fast as possible, with the viewpoint of incrementally adding features as the site matures and grows.

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Our Guarantee to You

If you are not completely happy with the result of your bespoke development project when we are done, we will give you $10,000 worth of our development time, at no charge, to make it right.

Our OpsCare® and CodeCare® services also have their own simple one month refund and guarantee which you can read in our Terms of Use.

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