Aged Care Channel (ACC)

ACC is an education company based in Sydney that produces educational video programs for aged care providers in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Traditionally, ACC’s video programs were available to members via satellite TV, DVD and an online Learning Management System (LMS); but the international market already had multiple Learning Management Systems that ACC found hard to displace. ACC’s strength was in their content and so they decided to build a portal allowing larger international providers to access the training materials without worrying about which LMS they used. ACC had been dealing with offshore developers, but due to complexities, they quickly realised that a remote Australian team who could commit to the project and offer faster responses to handling bugs and development issues, would be far better suited.

ACC decided to engage reinteractive’s user experience expert who created wireframes and then translated them into a highly interactive rapid prototype. Working closely with ACC enabled her to identify issues with, and improve key areas of the user journey, and in just one week a fully clickable prototype of the system was ready to be presented to the ACC board members for approval to build the portal.

The project then moved into the development phase which was initially estimated at 7 - 9 weeks, but by using the interactive prototype as a base and implementing our structured development process, the project was delivered in just seven weeks - including one week of front-end development.

“Creating the rapid prototype resulted in a solid blueprint and base from which we could forecast more accurate project costings, which is essential when requesting approvals and expenditure from a board. Fixed, determined ranges are required before any approvals are granted, which we were able to estimate accurately.”

Grant Ricker, Technology Director - ACC

Ongoing Operations and Code Maintenance

After discovering reinteractive’s OpsCare® and CodeCare® services ACC realised that by commissioning one company to look after their operations, in addition to ongoing code maintenance, the risks of crossinterference would be minimised. ACC immediately engaged reinteractive to manage updates, monitor code quality, eradicate bugs, implement fixes and small feature requests, enabling them to focus on their core business objectives, producing training materials.

reinteractive’s operations team then scaled the staging environment and fired up the production environment giving ACC an operational product ready to go. reinteractive’s ongoing maintenance services, OpsCare and CodeCare were implemented to keep it up-to-date and as efficient as the day it was released.


  • Online portal live within 7 weeks
  • Stabilised application in a functional state
  • Remote team who could commit to the project and offer faster responses to the handling of bugs and development issues
  • Reduced business risk and sleepless nights by having a stable, dedicated external operations team ensuring ACC applications have maximum uptime with any bugs, issues or updates handled quickly.
  • One team to handle development and operations minimising risks of cross-interference

“reinteractive has an awesome team of high-quality, Australia-based developers, with a variety of skills that encompass the whole process: UX & prototyping, front-end design, development, operations and code maintenance. It really is the one stop shop making my role so much easier and the process much faster!”

Grant Ricker, Technology Director - ACC

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