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The Aged Care Channel (ACC) is a leading provider of education and support to health professionals in the aged care sector in Australia and the United Kingdom. In August 2013 ACC engaged reinteractive to complete an Inspect Service on their proprietary platform which included a thorough review of ACC Online’s code base.

In building their application, ACC had utilised a number of developers throughout the application's lifespan. ACC’s Technology Director, Grant Ricker said “a dedicated focus was required to ensure a more consistent approach to the development process.”

“ACC’s commitment to building not only a robust platform is vital but equally important is to ensure we are following best practice development methodologies”, says Grant.

The reinteractive Inspect is implemented by clients for many reasons and often has a focus on a particular concern. As part of this we made sure we conducted a thorough review of ACC’s code according to our checklist for a Rails Application Code Audit. This included an understanding of how the application was structured and identify any weaknesses.

As with all of our Inspect clients, a dedicated developer was assigned a week to review the ACC code base and produce a detailed report. We then made sure that this report was reviewed by a number of reinteractive developers to ensure the application received the thorough check we promise our clients. The resulting document was delivered to Grant Ricker at ACC.

As part of our Inspect service we always make sure to acknowledge the plus points of any application’s code review. While we were looking for issues in the ACC code, it was just as valuable for ACC to be aware of the areas of their application that were structured according to best practice and were performing well.

Of course, we also looked at how their application could be improved, including security issues, database concerns and Ruby and Gem versions. It is vital for any business to know about all of these as it enables their technical team to know where to focus their attention and where fixes need to be made.

In addition to ACC’s actual code base, we looked at how their application’s documentation stacked up and how easy or difficult it would be for a new development team to come onboard. It was important for ACC to be aware of this incase they need to onboard a new employee or outsource this to a new team in the future.

As well as making ACC aware of the issues raised, the report advised their team on how they could implement changes for each of the action points so they could easily get these fixed as soon as possible.

Once Grant and his team had reviewed the Inspect report, the reinteractive team were then hired to make fixes to the issues within the report.

“Working with a remote team like reinteractive was surprisingly easy and professional, you knew exactly when developers were working and could always make contact.

reinteractive have provided us with the confidence of knowing that our application is monitored by a team of professionals at all times.

Not having our own internal team of developers, reinteractive have provided us with the ability to bring on a highly skilled team as and when we need.”

About ACC

Everyone at ACC is passionate about continually improving the quality of life of older people and those that take care of them. Established in 2003, ACC harness the power of storytelling to engage, inform and inspire health professionals for better care outcomes. They have extensive experience working with people in the business of care. Their programs are presented by subject matter experts, shot in actual facilities and homes and focus on the key issues faced by staff everyday. ACC understands that staff have unique challenges when accessing educational programs. ACC programs are available through ACC Online, anytime, anywhere. ACC Online is leading the way in online learning to deliver better practice training on demand.

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